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The Regulation of Holding Companies under the New Palestinian Companies Law

By: Suhaib Sharif,

In this Article, Attorney Suhaib Sharif,  addresses the most prominent and important provisions in the new Palestinian Companies law, that regulate holding companies in Palestine in terms of their goals and mechanism of action, with reference to their importance in regards to the guarantees and options they provide to investors, business professionals, …

The Regulation of Foreign Companies under the new Companies’ law (Law by Decree (42) of 2021)

By: Suhaib Sharif,

in this article, attorney Suhaib Sharif, discusses the available options for foreign companies willing to conduct their business in Palestine under the newly adopted Palestinian Companies law. He finally concludes that the new law contributes to the creation of a legislative environment that encourages investment in Palestine by providing foreign companies with …

The Interrelatedness Between the Concept of Partnership and Companies

By: Suhaib Sharif,

This article tackles the interrelatedness between the concept of partnership and companies by shedding light on the main similarities and differences between the two concepts. It finally concludes that the concept of partnership is a comprehensive concept that includes the concept of a company.

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What should employers know once the Covid-10 epidemic is over

The article gives suggestions and action plans for employers on how to act once the epidemic is over. Once the epidemic is over all employers should face the real financial situation of their business and try to overcome it. Most businesses will have to deal with two aspects; the financial aspect which discusses how …

How to negotiate yourself a good deal

This article discusses the tricks and skills that needs to be implemented by the negotiator in order to obtain a good deal. The writer first differentiates between just striking  a deal for yourself and striking a great deal. The writer gives advice on how to act and prepare beforehand to obtain the best deal …