• By: Suhaib Sharif, This Article briefly discusses the lawfulness of requiring employees to work from home as the Palestinian labor law does not explicitly regulate this matter. The Article attempts to infer the legal position of the Palestinian law on this matter by interpreting legal provisions that regulate similar matters. Article Available in Arabic Here      
  • By: Bisan Nimer, This article discusses the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Palestine. The Palestinian legislator provides two enforcement systems for arbitral awards; one is for domestic awards, while the other is foreign arbitral awards. Enforcement of domestic arbitral awards in Palestine only requires ratification by the competent court, on the other hand, foreign arbitral awards are enforced through requests submitted in the form of a lawsuit to the court of the first instance. In addition to the general conditions that should be
  • By: Yara Abu Meizer, In an ideal ecosystem, laws and policies function as startups enablers and investment attractions. In Palestine, the situation is so far from ideal. Although Palestinian entrepreneurs continue to innovate and inspire, there are some legal limitations that are imposed on them. This article briefly discusses the limiting impact of the Palestinian legal framework on Palestinian startup founders, the alternatives, and the way of moving forward. Article Available in English Here      
  • By: Mahmoud Abu Sway, In this article, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Sway discusses the mechanisms available for individuals to file lawsuits before the newly established Constitutional Court in Palestine. Dr. Abu Sway starts by affirming the prevailing status of the constitution among other legislations in Palestine and proceeds by elaborating on the parties competent to trigger the jurisdiction of the Court which include court referrals and individual mechanisms with special focus on the latter. Finally, the article discusses the need to introduce “previous” oversight on
  • By: Suhaib Sharif, This article tackles the interrelatedness between the concept of partnership and companies by shedding light on the main similarities and differences between the two concepts. It finally concludes that the concept of partnership is a comprehensive concept that includes the concept of a company. Article Available in Arabic Here      
  • By: Anat Deek, Our Colleague Anat Deek discusses the ways to protect your rights and ensure you get the best of the deal using your contract even if you are dealing with a bad person. From a business perspective you can’t make a good deal with a pad person. However, from a legal perspective you certainly can if you have a good contract! Article Available in English Here      
  • By: Yara Abu Meizer, This Article discusses the appropriate form of business registration in Palestine from a legal point of view by addressing the following question: “When is it sufficient to only register a business as a licensed operator and dispense the idea of registering as a company?”. The Article tackles the pros and cons of both forms of registration, and offers an overview of the legal challenges faced by business founders when registering companies within the applicable legal framework in Palestine. Article Available
  • By: Bisan Nimer, This Article discusses the legal regulation of the practice of selling food through mobile vehicles in Palestine. It  explains the terms and conditions of selling food through a mobile vehicle according to Instructions No (6) of 2020 issued by the Minister of Health. The Article also tackles all aspects of operating such businesses through addressing the subjects of the required licensing, the type of products allowed to be sold, parking locations, the operating hours, and conditions of the workers on board.