• This Article discusses the importance and need for business partners to choose arbitration to resolve their disputes instead of the usual court system. It  further discusses the advantages and importance of choosing arbitration in this particular situation for many reasons such as the confidentiality, speed and specialty of arbitrators. Moreover, the writer discusses  the case of Palestinian companies in particular and how choosing business partners based on personal relations creates disputes. The writer finishes with giving his recommendations on incorporating arbitration clauses in shareholders
  • This Article discusses the importance of differentiating between employment contracts and independent contractor contracts. The writer discusses the features of each contract and gives the employer tips and suggestions on when to use each to best serve their goals. In addition the writer discusses how the Palestinian court system differentiates between the two contracts and the criteria they use to determine the type of contract on hand.  
  • This Article discusses the qualities and reasons of choosing arbitration instead of the usual court system; by explaining the advantages and importance of arbitration. It further discusses arbitration regulations both in Palestine and Internationally. Finally, the writer discusses the conditions and obstacles of arbitration in Palestine in particular and gives his recommendations to how and when to use arbitration in the Palestinian legal system context.    
  • This article discusses the things every employer should know before deciding to terminate employment contracts. The Palestinian labor law regulates the cases in which the employer can terminate employee contracts without being considered as an arbitrary dismissal, the writer discusses those cases and further explains to employers how the court system in Palestine works and what is considered as a fair termination and what’s not.  
  • In this article the writer gives a brief overview about warranties and its legal aspects. The writer starts by defining the meaning of warranty especially legally in Palestine, she also discusses its properties, timespan and conditions. The writer further talks about the obligations its parties have and then discusses the risks that may accompany this process. Finally the writer gives general tips and advice around warranties in order for people to know their rights before engaging in it. By: Dua’a Qiwi