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Mechanisms Available for Individuals to File Lawsuit Before the Constitutional Court in Palestine

By: Mahmoud Abu Sway,

In this article, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Sway discusses the mechanisms available for individuals to file lawsuits before the newly established Constitutional Court in Palestine. Dr. Abu Sway starts by affirming the prevailing status of the constitution among other legislations in Palestine and proceeds by elaborating on the parties competent to trigger the jurisdiction of the Court which include court referrals and individual mechanisms with special focus on the latter. Finally, the article discusses the need to introduce “previous” oversight on the constitutionality of laws in Palestine, in addition to “post-oversight”. Hence, the constitutional oversight will become …

The Interrelatedness Between the Concept of Partnership and Companies

By: Suhaib Sharif,

This article tackles the interrelatedness between the concept of partnership and companies by shedding light on the main similarities and differences between the two concepts. It finally concludes that the concept of partnership is a comprehensive concept that includes the concept of a company.

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Is it Possible to Make a Good deal with a Bad Person?

By: Anat Deeek,

Our Colleague Anat Deek discusses the ways to protect your rights and ensure you get the best of the deal using your contract even if you are dealing with a bad person. From a business perspective you can’t make a good deal with a pad person. However, from a legal perspective you certainly can if you have a good contract!

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The Appropriate Form of Business Registration in Palestine (Company vs a Licensed Operator)

By: Yara Abu Meizer,

This Article discusses the appropriate form of business registration in Palestine from a legal point of view by addressing the following question: “When is it sufficient to only register a business as a licensed operator and dispense the idea of registering as a company?”. The Article tackles the pros and cons of both forms of registration, and offers an overview of the legal challenges faced by business founders when registering companies within the applicable legal framework in Palestine.

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The legal regulation of the practice of selling food through mobile vehicles in Palestine

By: Bisan Nimer,

This Article discusses the legal regulation of the practice of selling food through mobile vehicles in Palestine. It  explains the terms and conditions of selling food through a mobile vehicle according to Instructions No (6) of 2020 issued by the Minister of Health. The Article also tackles all aspects of operating such businesses through addressing the subjects of the required licensing, the type of products allowed to be sold, parking locations, the operating hours, and conditions of the workers on board.

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Self-restrictions towards supporting the national economy “The Investment sector as a model”

This article addresses the economic situation in Palestine especially the difficulties and obstacles facing the investment sector. The writer starts by discussing the obstacles in the Palestinian investment sector such as; depending on several currencies, the lack of economic and political stability, the poor import situation between Palestine and other countries, in addition to the systematic practices of the Israeli occupation towards defecting investment projects.

The writer then talks about the governing investment laws and regulations in Palestine and their deficiencies. He also draws on his own professional experience to give examples of the obstacles that faces investors and business …

What should employers know once the Covid-10 epidemic is over

The article gives suggestions and action plans for employers on how to act once the epidemic is over. Once the epidemic is over all employers should face the real financial situation of their business and try to overcome it. Most businesses will have to deal with two aspects; the financial aspect which discusses how the company should fulfill its debts to banks or other lenders and what options they have. The second aspect is the company’s employees, which the writer gives advice on how to balance between not terminating their contracts and being able to pay their salaries.