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Self-restrictions towards supporting the national economy “The Investment sector as a model”

Mahmoud Abu Sway

This article addresses the economic situation in Palestine especially the difficulties and obstacles facing the investment sector. The writer starts by discussing the obstacles in the Palestinian investment sector such as; depending on several currencies, the lack of economic and political stability, the poor import situation between Palestine and other countries, in addition to the systematic practices of the Israeli occupation towards defecting investment projects.

The writer then talks about the governing investment laws and regulations in Palestine and their deficiencies. He also draws on his own professional experience to give examples of the obstacles that faces investors …

Warranty: Its parties, Effects, and Risks

In this article the writer gives a brief overview about warranties and its legal aspects. The writer starts by defining the meaning of warranty especially legally in Palestine, she also discusses its properties, timespan and conditions. The writer further talks about the obligations its parties have and then discusses the risks that may accompany this process. Finally the writer gives general tips and advice around warranties in order for people to know their rights before engaging in it.

By: Dua’a Qiwi

What should employers know once the Covid-10 epidemic is over

The article gives suggestions and action plans for employers on how to act once the epidemic is over. Once the epidemic is over all employers should face the real financial situation of their business and try to overcome it. Most businesses will have to deal with two aspects; the financial aspect which discusses how the company should fulfill its debts to banks or other lenders and what options they have. The second aspect is the company’s employees, which the writer gives advice on how to balance between not terminating their contracts and being able to pay their salaries.

By: Suhaib …

Independent contractor contracts, and the importance of documenting it for the investor in the real estate sector

This article discusses the importance of documenting the independent contractor contracts and gives tips and advice on the best clauses to include in these type of contracts. The writer starts by defining the contract and listing its best properties and then moves on to talking about the importance of documenting these kind of contracts and discusses the FIDIC contracts as an example. The writer further explains the FIDIC contract and gives his thought on why it’s important for all contractors to adopt it as a template and how it can protect their rights.

By: Husam Al Sharif

What should the partners consider when establishing a company in Palestine (Part 1)

This article discusses things  partners should consider before choosing a company form. In Palestine the companies law for the year 1964 suffers from a lot of deficiencies regarding the obstacles that can face partners.  This lays a lot of responsibilities on the partners to choose the right form of company that confirms with their goals and to regulate their roles efficiently by agreements. The writer discusses the most chosen form of companies in Palestine and elaborates the reasons behind it. The writer further poses three questions on partners to help them decide their needs which are; if they want …

Companies options to overcome the effects of the Covid-19 crisis

This article discusses how to the covid-19 pandemic  affected businesses especially SMEs in Palestine. The writer gives advice to affected companies on how to mitigate their loses, and gives options to the management on how to keep their business going by provide enough cash flow .Amongst other options; the writer suggests making new partners and finding investors which he explains further in the article.

By: Suhaib Al Sharif

The impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on lease contracts in Palestine

This Article discusses the legal impacts of Covid-19 pandemic on lease contracts in Palestine in particular. The writer differentiates between the case of emergency and force majeure and suggests the closest legal analysis for the situation in Palestine. Further the writer gives his opinion regarding the contractual obligations between the lessee and the lessor and gives tips on how to act for both parties.