Who we are

Sharp & Beyond for Legal and Investment Consulting Services (S&B) was established in 2017 in Ramallah, Palestine. by experienced attorneys who have practiced law in various domains, dedicated to offering legal and investment consultancy services for both local and international entities.

S&B takes pride in providing services within a wide spectrum including and not limited to – corporate law, labor law, investment law, real estate law, contract law, trade law, arbitration cases, construction contracts, financial instruments, telecommunication law, intellectual property law, social security law and tax law.

In providing our clients with comprehensive services of the highest level of diligence and care, we offer investment consultancy services in collaboration with leading business advisory firms. Therefore, we ensure services with the highest degree of sophistication and scope to meet our clients’ needs while maintaining timely, effective and innovative legal solutions and prioritizing our clients’ economic, commercial and strategic objectives.

Our Values

• Integrity & sincerity;
• Dedication & devotion;
• Innovation & resourcefulness;
• Teamwork & collaboration;
• Communication;
• Responsibility;
• Pursuit & excellence.

Our Mission

We strive to deliver reliable legal services and provide tailored assistance to best suit client needs, aiming to understand our clients’ objectives, and mitigating risks that may deter the achievements of objectives whether strategic or short-term.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide high quality legal services locally and internationally by aligning stakeholders’ interests and objectives with a medium which ensures delivery and sufficiency, fostering the growth of lasting relations.

Team Members

Suhaib Al-Sharif
Managing Partner, Ramallah

Mahmoud Aby Sway
Senior Partner, Ramallah

Hossam Al-Sharif
Partner, Ramallah

Bisan Nimer
Junior Lawyer and Legal Specialist, Ramallah

Lamis Abu Hamdia
Junior Lawyer, Ramallah

Rinad Abedallah
Legal Counsel

Mohammad Al Ahmad
Legal Counsel

Anan Jamous
Legal Counsel

Mohammad Slieman
Legal Counsel