Our Services

Legal Expertise in all Areas of Business and Private Life.

  • S&B has extensive experience in duly incorporating and registering companies in Palestine and obtaining all necessary licenses and permits required for the operation of any given company. We also provide a wide-range of consultations to newly formed corporations that address the issues of authorities and responsibilities of partners, valuations of in-kind capital contributions, besides additional capital injections and exit strategies.

  • S&B has a broad practice encompassing a range of commercial contracts which include: shareholders, agency, distribution, franchising, sale of goods, employment, consultancy, settlement, transportation, leasing, and other forms of contractual structure.
    The breadth of knowledge gained from our experience enables us to provide sophisticated legal counsel in compliance with the specific legislations and practices in Palestine along with a thorough understanding of applicable international standards and best practices.

  • We provide legal services for international and local employers. We advise on labor law and social security law compliance, and Ministry of Labor compliance, such as the Human Resources Manual. We also assist in our clients’ compliance with any relevant laws to ensure the success of the business and to foster an effective and efficient human resources culture.
  • In our large and leading dispute resolution practice, our team adopts a practical and commercially aware approach to dispute resolution. We have competently represented high-profile companies in complex cases in courts in Palestine with a very high success rate.
  • We aid in the protection and use of intellectual property through providing professional legal services on trademarks, patents, copyrights and tradenames. We also help in the registration of trademarks and copyrights to deter continuing or threatened infringements.
  • S&B has sophisticated knowledge and experience in the fields of banking, finance and micro-finance in theory and practice which has been developed through working with various clients in the domain.
    We assist our micro-finance clients in debt collection, aid in the formulations of credit policies mitigating the various risks, and help clients achieve compliance with the relevant rules and law of the Monetary Authority and other stakeholders.
  • S&B lawyers have extensive experience in the real estate sector, aiding clients through transactions beginning with the negotiations stage and culminating in the finalization of the terms of the deal.
    Our real estate services include, but are not limited to, sale and purchase transactions, real estate development contracts, and relevant inheritance law.
  • S&B gained considerable experience in the domain of media and telecommunication through working with leading companies in the field.
    Our services in this field include legal advisory on all aspects of the company’s operations including: contracting, customer relations, as well as adherence to relevant laws, including IT and telecommunication laws for the purposes of obtaining all necessary licenses and permits.
  • S&B offers a wide range of legal, investment, and awareness-raising services to ensure startup success at every stage.

    Legal Services:

    • Company structuring and registration, including offshore registration.
    • Intellectual property creation
    • Obtaining necessary permits/ Licenses.
    • Drafting and reviewing legal documents: contracts, agreements, bylaws, etc.

    Investment services:

    • Connecting founders to donors and investors.

    Startup awareness-raising services:

    • Providing legal awareness-raising sessions for startup founders and relevant stakeholders.

  • S&B has considerable knowledge in the applicable laws relating to the NGOs and best practices with respect to that regard. Our services to the NGOs include: registering the NGOs at the Ministry of Interior and competent authorities, obtaining all required permissions and approvals, procuring work permissions for international staff, advising on effective and good governance and ensuring compliance with applicable laws.
    Since we believe in the social and developmental impact of NGOs, we have a pro-bono legal services program for NGOs which are not able to afford the legal services fees.
  • S&B has sophisticated knowledge and experience in reviewing the companies’ organizational structure, analyzing the authority Matrix and the mechanism of making administrative and financial decisions, with a focus on understanding the differences between a partnership and a company. After the abovementioned analysis, we suggest changes based on our analytical review, taking into consideration cost and time. This is followed by the formal implementation of the changes.
    The main concept of this project is to provide a package of legal consultations based on the laws that apply to each company, corporate governance code, and general principles of business to the entities including sole proprietorships, ordinary companies, and private shareholding companies.
  • Our legal and investment personnel work hand-in-hand to ensure the success and growth of our investment clients through:

    • Reviewing all types of corporate structure, focusing on distinguishing partnerships from companies in terms of how each function, and further, ensuring that they operate in accordance with applicable laws.
    • Analyzing the authority matrix and the mechanism of making administrative and financial decisions and ensuring the effectiveness of the management.
    • Suggesting amendments and changes with reference to their importance and priority at the lowest cost possible.
    • Preparing a working plan to implement all the agreed upon suggestions in a legal manner.
    • Providing effective solutions to administratively troubled companies, especially in the case of disagreement among partners and the absence of an effective board and management team.

  • S&B provides a high quality legal translation service from English into Arabic and vice versa for different documents such as contracts, laws, certificates and other formal documents. Additionally, Ms. Rana Fawadleh, the vice manager, is an official translator, certified by the Palestinian Ministry of Justice.
  • Legal audit service; is a service in which S&B evaluates and analysis the work of external lawyers in Palestinian companies. S&B provides this service through its experienced and qualified attorneys locally and internationally by; reviewing and analyzing all legal documents and procedures to ensure adherence to the applicable industry standards. As well as vetting the costs of the legal services provided. Each audit is unique and defined by the fact and circumstances surrounding the need for an audit.
    This service provides clear data and information for companies to evaluate their external lawyers’ work and create censorship on their work.
  • S&B handles cases of medical malpractice that occurs when a medical or health care professional deviates from standards in their profession, thereby causing injury to a patient.